Individual training
JIRA / Confluence / DEV Atlassian tools

Individual trainings for your Atlassian software

The individual Atlassian product training offers high flexibility. You work with our staff to determine the training content. By analyzing your system and user environment, we can create a custom training program tailored to your needs.

Table of Contents

Professional training at the highest level
Q&A Session with our staff
In-house training
You determine main training topics

Training duration

Training duration is generally about ½ to 1 day depending on the level of knowledge. More days can be booked at any time. Just speak with our staff regarding about a personalized offer.

Workshop duration

The workshop typically lasts longer. Generally, there is a long list of questions that need to be answered. Often, projects need to be implemented and special adaptations need to be checked. Sometimes, macros or routines need to be developed on-site. Sometimes, other tools need to be integrated. Sometimes, we must collaborate with other specialists to get a connector between two pieces of software to work.

Training procedure

We offer in-house training for as many participants as you need.  You determine the topics, date and place of training. You provide a room with a projector, internet and intranet connection and a working PC that can connect to your Atlassian environment. The trainer typically needs a Wifi (or cable) connection for his laptop to connect to the internet without being blocked by firewalls and other company-specific things. This way, we have the flexibility to quickly install things during the workshop.