EU cloud hosting (standard)
Your Atlassian tool in the internet in compliance with EU hosting privacy regulations

Atlassian Software

Runs safely on our EU standard cloud hosting platform

Our standard EU hosting platform is an inexpensive way to host a JIRA or Confluence instance. Here, you can run JIRA or Confluence in a virtual environment.

Performance is very high, much higher than Atlassian's minimum recommendations. For example, this configuration lets 50 users simultaneously conduct thousands of operations on JIRA or access hundred of pages on Confluence.

Pix Software GmbH is currently certified under the German Privacy Standard DS-BvD GDD 01. This not only means more security for you and your data, it also helps you meet the highest privacy requirements (e.g. according to German data protection laws § 11 paragraph 2 BDSG).

25,000+ companies run Atlassian tools already to develop their software products.

Start using Atlassian Jira, Confluence or any of their development tools in the cloud


All products are installed on high performance servers. These servers have multiple Xeon processors and up to 192 GB of RAM. The system also has a high-performance RAID controller and fast, high-performance disk drives. The power supply is redundant and there is battery backup in the event of a power failure.


We use Citrix XenServer Technology. This allows us to move the software from one server to another without interruption. Users will not notice when the software is moved to another system.

This allows us to upgrade hardware without influencing our customers' instances.


The VM is stored on a mirrored storage system. In the event of storage system failure, the second storage system takes over within a few seconds. Also, when the host system fails, the virtual applications running on the server are restarted on one of our other hosts to minimize downtime.


The complete instance can be duplicated within a couple of minutes. With no effort, it is possible to create a testing environment that can be used under real production conditions. 

The other systems in the cloud will not be affected because they are separate from one other. The network connection is a high-performance connection. A high traffic load will not influence other machines.


The standard hosting service includes setup costs (or an Atlassian software upgrade). We'll install the desired Atlassian product (usually the latest release, but also older versions on request) in the base configuration so you can start working immediately.

If you already use Atlassian OnDemand or a local installation, we will migrate your data to this new instance.

We can also take care of system administration for your VM.

If you want, you can get your own root account so you can administer the system yourself and make special adjustments.

Privacy Policy

Pix Software is a European company and sole owner-operator of the hosting server. As one of the few European companies doing this, we are able to meet European data protection requirements. In collaboration with certified data center operators, we offer you robust privacy policies. Because we have taken extensive preparations, additional contractual security requirements are possible.


  • VM (Virtual Machine)
  • 2 Xeon cores with 2.13 Ghz or better
  • 1 GByte RAM 
  • 50 GByte disk storage in RAID configuration
  • Gbit network connection


  • Setup hours are included. Additional hours are available on request
  • Daily backups during the night
  • Up pgrades only on request
  • SSL / HTTPS / Security
  • You can have your own domain name


  • SSL certificate (strongly recommended)
  • Atlassian license for this instance
  • Support contingent
  • Bigger hard disks
  • More memory