EU cloud hosting (Professional)
                                                                                                              For medium to large businesses

EU professional cloud hosting

Performance, redundancy and Support for your hosted Atlassian environment in the cloud

Our Professional EU hosting module is aimed at small to medium sized businesses. It includes a virtual machine (VM) with 2 GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores and 100 GB of disk space. This is sufficient to run one medium size Confluence, Stash or JIRA instance or, alternatively, two to three Atlassian products simultaneously in the base configuration.

Pix Software GmbH is currently certified under the German Privacy Standard DS-BvD GDD 01. This not only means more security for you and your data, it also helps you meet the highest privacy requirements (e.g. according to German data protection laws § 11 paragraph 2 BDSG).

25,000+ companies run Atlassian tools already to develop their software products.

Start usiing Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Stash or any of their development tools in the cloud.


All products are installed on powerful servers that are equipped with multiple Intel Xeon processors and up to 192 GB of RAM. A high-performance RAID controller and fast hard drives offer fast access times. 

Redundant power supplies, UPS systems and on-site replacement systems ensure minimal downtime.


With Citrix XenServer technology, it is possible to copy a virtual machine during operation from one physical server to another. Users of the virtual machines will not notice anything during this process – at most a second-long delay. This allows us to update a single physical server in our server farm without any significant effects on our customers' Atlassian instances.


  • 1 VM (virtual machine)
  •  4 Xeon cores with at least 2.13 GHz
  •  2 GB RAM 
  • 100 GB of disk space on redundant storage system
  • 1 GBit connection


  • The hours for the setup are included
  • Migration from on-demand included (if needed)
  • Additional hours booked at any time: Billing at cost
  • Daily nightly backups
  • Upgrades only on request ,SSL (https)


  • SSL Certificate 2-year term
  • Client VPN connection
  • Site-to-site VPN connection
  • Atlassian product license 1 year term
  • Service Level Agreements