EU Hosting (Enterprise)
The complete Atlassian Suite on one system

EU Hosting Enterprise for demanding tasks

You can install the complete Atlassian software stack on our physical servers. Memory requirements, processing power and the system configuration are already prepared for this.

This ensures all Atlassian products perform optimally. Also, this makes resource-intensive configurations possible, such as using the continuous integration server Atlassian Bamboo.

Pix Software GmbH is currently certified under the German Privacy Standard DS-BvD GDD 01. This not only means more security for you and your data, it also helps you meet the highest privacy requirements (e.g. according to German data protection laws § 11 paragraph 2 BDSG).

25,000+ companies run Atlassian tools already to develop their software products.

Start using Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Stash or any of their development tools in the cloud


EU Hosting Enterprise is a physical server with 12 GB RAM, 1 TB RAID 10 Storage and Intel Xeon 2.13 GHz CPU. Upon request, other configurations are possible, such as having more RAM, more memory, more or faster CPUs, SSDs, or using our redundant storage system.


The server is equipped with Debian Linux or on request with a free Citrix XenServer or VMWare installation so that multiple VMs can be used.

Such a system has enough RAM to run multiple productive and test instances simultaneously.


The VM is stored on a mirrored storage system. Should the set fail storage system, the second storage system takes over within a few seconds.

In contrast, when the host system fails, the applications running on this server VMs are restarted on one of our other hosts, so the downtime is minimal here.


The existing instance can be duplicated within a few minutes sp you have a system that can also be tested under load, without affecting the production. The server have a high performance connection to Internet.


EU Hosting Enterprise includes setting up the system. We also offer other options, such as additional administrative hours, operating additional VMs, and more RAM or disk space. We install the desired Atlassian product (usually the latest release, but also other versions on request) in the base configuration so you can start immediately. 

If you have not used Atlassian OnDemand or a local installation, we assume you will migrate your data to your new instance. We can also take care of  administration for your VM. If you want, you can get your own root account so you can administer the system yourself and make special adjustments.

Privacy Policy

Pix Software is a German company and owner and sole operator of the hosting server. It is one of the few companies that complies with European data protection requirements. 

In collaboration with certified data center operators, we offer you robust privacy policies. We can meet additional contractual security requirements if necessary.


  • 1 Enterprise Server
  •   Intel Xeon 2.13 GHz CPU
  •  2 redundant power supplies, UPS
  • 12 GB of RAM
  • 1 TB RAID 10 Storage,
  •  1 GBit connection


  • You can order our support per 8 hrs.
  • Additional hours booked at any time,
  • Billing will be done against actual costs
  • Billing per incident, quarter or year
  • Daily backups (nightly) ,upgrades on request 
  • SSL (https)


  • SSL Certificate 1 year term
  • Client VPN connection
  • Site-to-site VPN connection
  • Atlassian product license 1 year term
  • Service Level Agreements