Customize and adaptat Atlassian software to meet your needs


Even though we're software development professionals, we still tell our customers, "Try to avoid as many new developments as possible."

We know this may come as a surprise to most people.

But the fact is we first try to use existing modules rather than reinvent the wheel by starting new developments. 

Over 500 add-ons have already been developed by third-party suppliers we know and trust. One of these suppliers might have the software you need even though it is not available to the public.

We'll try to find the right ones for you and focus on implementing and extending existing developments rather than starting from scratch.


Corporate Identity:

We can also develop a custom plug-in to create your company's look and feel within the Atlassian tools. Currently, several options are available that work out of the box. In this case, no extra software is required.

Many add-one are available that can the job even better. 

Sometimes, even this won't do and customizations need to be individually programmed (e.g. your company's style guides are so strict that out-of-the-box tools won't work).

Even in cases like this, we try to collaborate with developers to integrate your ideas into existing tools.

This is often better for you in the long run because your developments will be maintainable and integrated as standard solutions.