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Atlassian specialists since 2010

Pix Software is your Atlassian specialist in the Benelux

We are long-term Atlassian specialists with offices in the Benelux.

We have a dedicated team for bigger enterprises. If your Atlassian software is becoming mission critical, we can help you with our top service, support and added value for all Atlassian tools and products.

Our bundled solutions will provide near 100% uptime for Atlassian tools.

Developing software requires your systems and software be available 100% of the time. But this is also necessary when integrating Atlassian software tools into your production environment. 

Administrator and system administrator Support

Support can be provided remotely, but it is more practical for us to come to you and work together with the project teams involved. Although we are top Atlassian experts, we still have fair pricing for our consultation hours.

We generally complete projects within a short timeframe. We're talking weeks, not months.

Pix Software is Authorized Atlassian Expert in Benelux