Atlassian Administrator Training and Workshop
JIRA / Confluence / DEV Atlassian tools

Administrator training for JIRA, Confluence and all other Atlassian products is meant for expert system administrators who wish to deepen their product knowledge. The training is conducted as a workshop. Participants work with a coach on predetermined topics.

This training speeds things up for your employees. It’s a simple way to optimize the administration of Atlassian products.


  • Professional administrator training at the highest level
  • Comprehensive explanation of the steps
  • Q & A session with our trainers
  • InHouse – Training

Workshop duration

Training duration is generally 1-2 days depending on the level of knowledge. More days can be booked at any time. Just speak with our staff about a personalized offer.

 Training procedure

We offer in-house training for as many participants as you need. You pick the date and place for training.

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Project configuration (e.g. for Jira)

In this course, attendees will gain a solid foundation for all of the configurable components involved in setting up and managing JIRA projects.

They’ll learn and perform the project admin tasks such as customizing project details, configuring workflows, customizing fields, creating new projects, troubleshooting, and much more.

Learning about the relationships and dependencies involved in JIRA configuration will teach attendees to configure JIRA effectively from the get-go or determine how to configure things more efficiently moving forward.

Upon completion, attendees will be equipped to configure JIRA projects to meet business requirements and demands. JIRA concepts come to life as attendees perform practical exercises on a sample JIRA instance that illustrates common use cases and Atlassian’s best practices.
Attendees will also explore User Management and Permissions, as well as dive deeper into the different types of schemes. They will learn about the details of JIRA global permissions versus project permissions, and best practices for managing user access to different types of projects.

Furthermore, attendees experience a variety of business use cases to assist in understanding ways to restrict access to different operations based on groups, project roles, or specific users, allow public access while maintaining privacy for internal projects, interface with an external user directory for identity management, and much more.


Attendees learn to complete advanced user and space administration tasks that help them succeed when implementing a Confluence environment in their organization.

As a continuation of “Getting Started with Confluence,” attendees learn power user features. They explore how to create and configure spaces, including the space’s look and feel. As part of the space administration process, they learn how to manage users and permissions within a space.

Attendees explore macros and work with add-ons, including Confluence Questions, Team Calendars, and Gliffy, as a way to create rich content in Confluence. Attendees will work with the product requirements blueprint and learn how to create a link to a JIRA issue. They also get hands-on experience modifying a blueprint.

Using the advanced features covered in this course, attendees will be able to use Confluence to its fullest extent. They’ll be ready to act as a resource within their organization during the Confluence adoption phase and beyond, as team members create content and collaborate with co-workers!