Jira Service Desk 2.0 Pricing FAQ

New pricing


Changes to the Service Desk pricing


What is the new pricing model for JIRA Service Desk 2.0?

With the release of JIRA Service Desk 2.0, you can get started with JIRA Service Desk at three agents for $10 per month. Teams with more than three agents pay $25 per agent per month.

Each agent can serve unlimited customers. Whether you serve 100 or 100,000, customers are free.  

To keep things simple, we have one new pricing model with all the JIRA Service Desk features. 

Why is the pricing changing?

We believe this new pricing is the best way to serve more of our customers. When we first launched JIRA Service Desk, we were focused on delivering a great set of features to our existing JIRA customers. Our goal was simplicity in pricing, which was why we applied our existing JIRA add-on pricing model (total user base as calculated by JIRA).

Many organizations wanted to use JIRA Service Desk, but the pricing model didn't work for them. This is because most companies have a small number of agents in comparison to their service desk's customers. We took this feedback very seriously, and the change in pricing – to an agent-based pricing plus the required JIRA user tier – is a direct response to that feedback.

What's the difference between an agent and a JIRA user?

Agents work on requests and respond to customers. Each agent consumes both a JIRA and a JIRA Service Desk user license.
JIRA users collaborate with agents and can add internal comments on customer requests. 
For more details on what each role can do, please see agent and collaborator.

What is a customer?

A customer is an end user that submits requests to your service desk. You do not need to purchase any license for customers and you can have as many of them as you want.
Why do I need JIRA to buy JIRA Service Desk?

JIRA Service Desk is an add-on for JIRA, which means you can't use JIRA Service Desk without JIRA. JIRA Service Desk 2.0 runs on JIRA 6.3.5 or later.
How did you decide on the new price for agents?

At Atlassian, we're committed to making software affordable and providing our customers with the best experience. We reviewed the various plans, features, and pricing offered by our competitors, and feel that our new pricing is very competitive for the value that JIRA Service Desk delivers.

Could I be paying more with this new pricing?

We have thoroughly reviewed the various scenarios for our customers, and for a minority of customers this new pricing may be more expensive. However, we can confidently say that for the vast majority of our customers, this change will be very beneficial.

Where can I calculate how much I will be paying with this new pricing?

You can calculate how much you will be paying for JIRA Service Desk on our pricing page: https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/service-desk/pricing.

I am an existing JIRA Service Desk customer, how does this change affect me?

This new pricing only applies to new purchases of JIRA Service Desk made on and after September 10, 2014. The new pricing model allows JIRA Service Desk to be purchased by the number of service desk agents on your team, not the total user base as calculated by JIRA.

As an existing customer, we wanted to keep things simple for you. You can continue to use JIRA Service Desk exactly the way you did at the time of your original purchase and renew it just as you did before. No changes.

When it is time to renew or upgrade, you have the choice to remain on your current pricing, or contact us to move you to the new pricing model. It’s entirely up to you.

We appreciate that it is not all about pricing. From a capabilities perspective, we have listed the main pros and cons of staying on your current pricing and moving to the new pricing to help with your decision.

I was going to buy JIRA Service Desk when you changed the price, can I still buy at the old price?

Atlassian can only honor open and valid quotes requested before the pricing change. If you do not have an open or valid quote, we cannot offer the discontinued pricing model.  If you are evaluating the server version of JIRA Service Desk, you can extend your server evaluation to evaluate the new license model. If you have questions, please contact us.

Do you have any pricing questions not covered by this FAQ?

Please contact us.