How often and fast do you need to install the latest Atlassian software Version

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FAQ: Upgrading your Atlassian Software

Monthly, each quarter, half a year or once a year

We did some JIRA Enterpriese customer research on upgrade experience late last year. Here's some of the feedback from customers we interviewed;

  • We evaluate upgrading once or twice a year.
  • Security patches are mandatory
  • We assess, test then deploy
  • We don't always investigate everything in the release notes
  • Help us performance test - even if it's just a framework/vanilla test.
  • We decide to upgrade mainly if the releases fix problems we have. Our main reasons for upgrading are to solve our existing problems and to be compliant with our security policy. New features aren't nearly as interesting as fixes/improvements.
  • Our main pain is related to testing plugins and integrations. Most pain is related to plugins not core JIRA.
  • We think the hardest parts of upgrade are things that JIRA team can't do anything about - e.g. time for UAT completion & compatibility testing of integrations.
  • Our users aren't great at UAT but it works ok
  • Some customers are using the current upgrade as an opportunity to simplify. They are starting with a "clean slate"/instance and leave some of the complexity behind in the old instance.
  • From the data we have more than half of our enterprise customers are upgrading to a version within 6 months of its release.

JIRA 6.4 will improve performance for large scale instances. Given performance is the number one need from Enterprise customers we expect to see a quicker take up of 6.4 than previous versions.