Vistaprint combines 20 services into one using JIRA Service Desk

How a Dutch company from the south of Holland uses jira to run their worldwide business


Vistaprint combines 20 services into one using JIRA Service Desk 

Vistaprint is the one-stop-shop for customized promotional material for small businesses. Vistaprint's products include everything from custom business cards, to t-shirts, to personalized phone cases. 

With over 4,600 employees across three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and 22 offices worldwide, it's crucial that Vistaprint's service desk system be up and running 24/7. A dozen agents handle over 4,000 tickets a month, escalating more complicated issues to about 30 teams across the globe. 

“For a long time, we’d been looking to replace our service desk and support ticket solution," says Technical Manager of Internal Tools Dave Sonderling. "It was outdated and difficult to customize. Our employees found it hard to use and would try to go around the system by using email or physically walking over to the support team for help.” 

The team evaluated several replacement systems, but struggled to find one that worked for them. "The systems we evaluated would have cost too much and taken too long to implement,” says Gen Kallos, Associate Director of Operational Improvement.

Then, while attending Atlassian's 2013 annual user conference Summit, Sonderling discovered JIRA Service Desk. Developers at Vistaprint were already using JIRA Agile, as well as Crucible and FishEye. “We purchased JIRA Service Desk not long after Summit. After two weeks of beta testing, we rolled out JIRA Service Desk – going from 2 to 22 locations – in five weeks," says Sonderling. 

Since implementing JIRA Service Desk, Vistaprint has collapsed over 20 services into one system, increasing visibility and saving both time and money.

"It was really cost efficient to implement it. Also, the manpower involved was pretty minimal. We realized a quick return on investment. We purchased the licensing not long after Summit, and within two months, we had fully deployed to all of our locations and were realizing all the benefits that it provided," says Kallos.

“We're very happy with JIRA Service Desk. The roll out was really smooth. The adoption from the user community was phenomenal. Meanwhile, the requests are coming in and getting resolved faster and more efficiently."
- Gen Kallos, Associate Director of Operational Improvement

"The nice thing about having JIRA Service Desk is we have the ability to see what we've been working on and what needs to get done," says Ronald Tirella, a Senior Sys-administrator working at Vistaprint's Tier 2 support. "That also helps the end users, because they know we're focused on the right tickets and their prioritization."

Managers love the robust built in reporting, which allows them better visibility. In just a few clicks, managers can easily identify peak times, as well as which teams are meeting their SLAs.

Customers are equally as excited. "From the end user, the feedback we've gotten is that the customer portal is very straightforward and easy to use," says Sonderling. "They like the emails from JIRA Service Desk, and that they can respond. The Service Desk automatically adds their comment and sends it back to the person working on it. That's really great for them."

"There's a huge benefit to having one ecosystem just in terms of the cost of maintenance, and the shared understanding of how the system works. Everybody is using JIRA. Everybody understands how tickets flow through the system. JIRA, as a platform, is really powerful," says Sonderling.

Other teams are eager to move onto the platform. “For us, that feels great. It feels like we made an important change. Bringing Service Desk into the organization has been a huge win," says Sonderling.

“JIRA Service Desk was really easy to set up, we hardly had to customize it and best of all:

Vistaprint employees love to use it.”
– Dave Sonderling, Technical Manager of Internal Tools